Stanley’s Bourbon Craft, Hull, East Riding   2 comments


I hate when people lump Jack Daniels in with bourbon.  It’s like bourbon with training wheels, for amateur drinkers (which is why so many people who drink it mix it with Coca-Cola)*.  Except it ISN’T bourbon.

This otherwise remarkable bar, Stanley’s Bourbon Craft, is aware of that and even has, amongst its JD branded stuff (which is EVERYWHERE) a long explanation of why Jack is actually Tennessee whiskey.  Might have been nice to invite Booker Beam in to give a more relevant quote, but I’m sure Jack Daniels threw some money at Stanley’s.



I had a double shot of Fighting Cock which was especially smooth, a bit of a caramel finish.  It was a good way to kill a bit of time before I could check into my room.

The pub is also a restaurant and the menu looked really good but I was a bit too hungover the next day to try it out (more on that at some point).

* Okay, that’s an old rant of mine.  Not just “the Jack isn’t bourbon” part which is probably going to get my ass kicked at some point, but also the improper mixing of fine liquor (which, technically, exempts Jack Daniels but nevermind that).  I once got a cease and desist letter from my US Congressman back in Athens, GA for repeatedly asking him to introduce a bill that would deny a passport to anyone who defiled good booze in this way (“this is not the sort of image we need to present to the rest of the world”).  My attempts to manipulate US foreign relations in this way were not met with enthusiasm.



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2 responses to “Stanley’s Bourbon Craft, Hull, East Riding

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