Hull-idiz In’T Sun Part 3: Rivers   Leave a comment

[Note: all the Hull-idiz tourism posts are linked here.]

Hull is a maritime city and while the River Hull is narrow it is deep (and feeds into the massive River Humber and, therefore, into the North Sea).  The waterways pervade this town and occasionally when the tides roll out there are treasures from the deep:

The structure, below, is an emergency tidal surge barrier:

And, this beautiful piece of kit, The Wilmington Bridge (1907), served rail freight lines until the rails were turned to bike and hike trails:


The Spurn is a lightship (light as in beacon, not tonnage).  It would be moored in the Humber as part of a network of buoys, other lightships, and lighthouses to mark a safe route and crewed by 7 sailors whose shifts were 4 hours on/8 hours off for a month on board and a month on buoy maintenance ships.  This one worked from 1927 to 1975 but the earliest ones date back to 1832.



I never found out what the deal is with these two heads on a post on the River Hull side of the Tidal Surge Barrier:



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