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The Wm Hawkes is on my “must visit” list for Hull.  I suspect the other bars one can see from its front door are similarly fantastic but since I had to choose one the Hawkes drew the short straw.

I do have one complaint.  I spotted — and asked for — a double Evan Williams which is a bourbon that I grew up with, drinking it regularly in the cemetery next to my high school when I was supposed to be out for a training run (sounds familiar enough, right?).  What he poured was an Evan Williams cherry infusion (essentially a cordial and VERY sweet).  I pointed out the wrong bottle as he was putting it back and he offered to pour it out and give me the right one but I wouldn’t forgive myself if he had wasted this.  I took it to the dark lounge to sip more slowly than if it had been something I actually wanted.



A couple and their guide/host/buddy turned up as the glass strewn table was being cleared and began chatting about the decor.  The regular pointed out the taxidermy claiming that the fox was chasing the world’s longest rabbit.  I interrupted that I thought they just chopped a regular bunny in half.  A few moments later, he mentioned stuffed squirrels in military uniforms at which the couple, as one, looked past him to me with arched brows that spake, “do you believe this shit?”

“I’m afraid he’s right.  And, not just military but I have seen chauffeurs, Old West bar brawl scenes, Biblical reenactments.  Verrrrry strange.”  Turns out their carer has a few versions of squirrels in outfits.

Not a great shot, but the bunny butt is off to the right.

The other table of three was two local boys and a girl from Shropshire.  I know this because the lads were talking, while she was in the loo, about how much they loved her accent.  When she returned they forced the issue by asking if she ever watched Peaky Blinders (post-WWI period drama about a Irish crime family in Birmingham by way of the Black Country).

“Ooooo, I luv Tommy Shelby,” she cooed.  That was the main topic from that side of the room my remaining 5 minutes there.


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