Dive Bar, Hull, East Riding   2 comments

Dive in name, anyway, this bar was still a fun place to visit. I asked where the bathroom was because, unlike a lot of the folks I saw on the walk from the centre, I still had some of my dignity (although I was trying hard to drown it with cheap booze) and felt I should at least try to find someplace private to do this somewhat private thing. Instead of just pointing, the bartender hopped out from around the bar and said, “follow me.” When we arrived 20 feet away he presented them, “here is the gents and just here is the ladies…I would recommend the gents.” I think he was stoned.


They were playing a recording of Janis Joplin live at some small venue when I arrived and it went on at least until I left. I scanned the booze while answering some questions about from whence I hail. “Double Maker’s Mark, please.”
“Kentucky, Kentucky…where is Kentucky?”
I had to explain the legal definition of bourbon and where Kentucky sits in the US.

“This is the first Maker’s Mark I’ve ever sold. Give me a minute while I find it on the register.” After a short pause he said, “that’s 6 pounds.” A deal, I thought, and handed him a £10 note. He handed me back £6 change. Yep, stoned.


“I would have thought you would want one of…” a dramatic pause “…these!” and, he slammed a PBR in front of me.
“Oh, yeah. That takes me back.”
“So, you drink this in the States?”
“Yes. It’s awful. But, yes.”

He seemed insistent about the PBR so I told him about the 30 Pack Marathon (an old post about it linked here) which in its original form was all keg PBR (as seen on the CNN video on the link). I don’t think he believed me. I used the £2 he over-paid me to pay for some of the PBR I eventually drank here. Much more like an American bar I would go to in the States than anything else I’ve seen here.



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