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I booked the Inkerman Tavern for my room in Hull because it is kind of in the middle of an industrial area.  It is actually better to stay in than that sounds but it isn’t luxurious.  Perfectly adequate for someone who planned to (and succeeded in) drinking himself into a coma and good enough for the not-too-picky traveller, it was clean and quiet and the staff couldn’t have been a nicer bunch.  The woman in the photo was tending bar when I checked in and gave me the rundown on the flood mural on the way to my room.



The room was separated from the bar far enough that the karaoke would not have bothered me had I not finished the night listening to it in the bar.  Those kegs were still stacked up when I awoke so I didn’t knock them over on my way to bed (and I must have gotten there under my own steam since it was dead-locked from inside) but, as previously mentioned, I overdid it a bit on the night.



Large whiskeys (waters back) came one after another and I had encounters with a couple that each eventually did a number at karaoke, a couple of boys that were heading off to the Navy or RAF soon, and some cross-dressers (one about my age and another about 10 years younger) that were starting the evening here before moving on to Frankie’s later.  Lovely joint, here.



At one point, a woman came around taking photos of the punters and I got out my camera to take one of here.  I must have accidentally triggered the shutter while lifting the camera and got a shot of the elephant at the bar similar to the ones I spotted at the Dram Shop hours earlier.




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