Daylight Inn, Petts Wood, London   1 comment


I had a leftover beef rib for breakfast and had meant to stop for a fish and chips sometime during the day but getting lost a few times and the nourishment I found in pints along the now 22 mile run.  I did some quick shopping at a Sainsbury in Petts Wood (needed some coffee and something to cook for supper) and completely forgot to get a snack while in there.  I scanned the street for a chippy or a kebab shop but spotting none I decided to ask at the bar in the Daylight Inn.



It took a while to get a server.  The first one told me to get a table number first then come back and order but waved me off as she passed while I tried to say I was only drinking.  I finally got a beer and wandered a bit to take in the architecture.  No one else seemed to be in for drinks only and I was freaking out some of the people in booths so I went outside to change into a dry shirt and watch the sun set.



I brought my empty glass to the bar to be nice but also to ask where there was a takeaway.  This would normally be a bit cheeky in a restaurant, but fear not…spotted at the bar, one of the staff waved from across the room, said, “thank you, good night,” and turned and walked yet farther away.



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