Dukes Head, Crayford, London   2 comments

I seem to remember that, when I was net-scouting this trail on Google Streetview, I was impressed with the pub sign for the Duke’s Head.  I also liked the old structure but I left the LOOP looking for the sign as my landmark.  As you see above, it looks like what happened to Ecce Homo.  Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there: don’t drink and use the Interwebs!

Inside, the house was packed and it took a moment to find a spot at the bar.  I picked a barrel that blew almost immediately (of course) and while the bartender rushed off to change the barrel I fell into a discussion with my two neighbours.  A sweaty American running a trail these two natives were generally unfamiliar with gave us — or, them, at least — fodder for days.  We also hit politics (here and in Trumpministan), fine brewed beverages, and — best of all — other interesting places I should put on my short list.  The one I wrote down was Eynsford, an ancient village with a castle 8-10 miles south of here.  Watch this space.




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2 responses to “Dukes Head, Crayford, London

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