Railway Tavern, Old Bexley, London   1 comment


Bexley has several old pubs that look the part but I held out for the Railway Tavern on this run for its proximity to the London Outer Orbital Path‘s divergence away from tarmac.  I’m glad, I guess, because I found it strange.

I sat down at the bar knowing which beer I wanted but before the air had squished out of the cushion the barman had slapped a Thai food menu in front of me then lifted it to prop against the beer pump.  “Guinness Gold, please,” I said, unwedging the menu from the plumbing and using it to gesture toward the correct tap.  It was refreshing and reasonably priced and I forgave him his presumption.

I looked around.  Busy for 3:30 in the afternoon and only about half the punters were eating.  Then I noticed this odd bit (look in the upper right of this photo):



Everytime anything was bought, it was displayed on the monitor hanging up by the top shelf booze.  Not just the order, mind, but also the mode of payment (MasterCard, Visa, whether debit or credit, etc) and the name of the payer taken from the info on the card’s memory (mine must have said “cash” or maybe he has a hotkey for “derelict” or “ne’er-do-well”).  I find this incredibly creepy.

There was also this:



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