Running Horses, Erith, Kent   1 comment


Some pubs are like the TARDIS: they look small from without but cavernous within.  The Running Horses is much more conventional since you would think it is fucking enormous but seems almost claustrophobically tiny at the bar.  This is good for me — I consider that ‘cozy’ and reassuring.  “Country House” was on the jukebox and the guy next to me asks a guy down the bar, “hear…izzat Oasis?”

I winced and carefully set my beer down. “I really don’t think so. Maybe it’s Pulp?”
The other guy laughed and went to the jukebox. “It’s Blur, you dimwits.”
We both nodded and sipped. “Of course…Blur,” I said.
“What else did they do?” he asked me.
“I think they were all killed in a boating accident right after this came out.” He went out for a smoke or to Google that (not sure which).



Another song was finishing as he returned, sitting a couple of seats farther away now.  Lionel Richie started up with “Say You, Say Me.”  That was my cue to drink up and get back on the day’s run.

I leaned his way and said, “I think you’ll find, THAT’S Oasis.”  I still haven’t made anyone spit their beer while laughing, but this one was close.



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