White Bear, Kennington, London   1 comment


Back in Kennington for the A2Z: N for Northern Line runs, I braved the rains to reach the White Bear, not really knowing what to expect from a place that pushes its upstairs theatre and a foodie’s delight of a menu.  I needn’t have fretted as the forward section of the house was a perfect recreation of an old-time pub-cum-gentlemen’s club (the posh people version, not the one with lap dances).



The back 2/3 or so seems set up for dining although I think the membrane between bar and restaurant is gossamer thin.  The theatre is upstairs that are accessed by a closed door next to a taxidermied bear.  The gents has a leak that is reminiscent of a current plot device on Eastenders:



There are five or so real ale taps and the beer is good, well kept and cheap.





Posted May 22, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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