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There’s nothing more grand than a pub like the Eagle.  The guy with the scissors is cutting out racing dockets from several newspapers and every so often one or another of the other lads comes and gets him to place a bet (unlike at the Red Filly, he’s using online bookies but it keeps everyone in the bar rather than stinking up a Paddy Power or Ladbrokes).



The other chat all seemed to be gossip that has history stretching back generations.  That sort of “oh, aye, them two are just like their grandparents used to be when yada yada yada,” that is impossible to make heads or tails of without committing months to learning the nuances.

So, I was pretty much left quietly to my beer.  At one point when I was only half eavesdropping and trying to think where to run from here, something crossed my mind that made me smile to myself but the timing was such that several of the folks took notice.  “See, HE knows what I mean.”  I didn’t but lifted my glass and nodded anyway (which may have been taken either as being polite or retarded and possibly both).  When I left, I got several variations of “see you soon.”  Quite probably so.




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