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As the A to Z runs continue, I was going to do O for Orpington but it is way down at the southern extremes of what can be called London and I just did a run through the area last week.  So, instead, we have O for the Olympic Park!



First things being first, you have to escape the consumer hell that the area immediately around Stratford Station has become.  Fortunately, you soon find yourself in the most East End-iest bits of the East End without putting in too much effort.  My first stop was at the Eagle with hopes that some reference to Winter Olympics legend Eddie the Eagle might be found.  It was not.



Trundling back into the Olympic Park, you pass some new housing of more or less unoppressively utilitarian design and some interesting takes on urban gardening and orchardry.



In the distance, I spotted a structure and ran up a small hill to get a better look only to find the Olympic Rings and what I think might be Telstar or Sputnik:



The structure turned out to be the Velodrome:



And, next to it was this great rope-and-natural-materials playground I would have loved to either have a go on or take a closer photo of.  However, there were loads of kids and a drunken, sweaty middle-aged man might be taken the wrong way.



I think West Ham uses the Stadium now:



This door is art.  It pisses me off.  Art is supposed to make you feel emotions.  Result!



This graffito not far from the door on my way to the Tiger made me happy.  What an emotional roller coaster ride this was turning out to be!



In a park between the Tiger and the Bow Bells, I found a standard running track.  Is anyone up for a beer mile?  Perhaps it can be the Mile End Beer Mile:



I included the canal locks in this write-up mainly to help me find the track again.  I’m not sure the map will help very much:



Between the Bow Bells and Ye Olde Black Bull, this statue of Gladstone with the flesh tone hands gave me the heebie-jeebies.  Art is everywhere around here.



This, on the other hand, was not art.  True, it made me grin but I’m incredibly immature:


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