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Few hipster bars actually do things (anything) right.  Most of them should take a few tips from the Tiger but even then they would probably fuck things up by trying to improve, or copy, or just irony the shit out of things.  They can’t help it, they’re assholes.



But, there was an instantly agreeable vibe to this house.  Perhaps it was the troubled blond at the bar who occasionally stared at the telly for several minutes at a time.  The telly, an oldie from the days of only 3 or 4 channels, only showed a Tiger logo card, btw.



I started my visit with an unusually good fruit tinged porter and a seat outside.  The neighbourhood probably keeps a lot of the nonsense in check although it is rapidly gentrifying and we’ve all missed our chance to buy in.  It may be that the Tiger’s cool credentials are doomed.  The rains came and I returned from these thoughts to sit with a pair of brothers near the loos.  Not Black Panthers or Nation of Islam or anything…actual kinfolk.



Maybe it is the lack of irony overload that helps the place.  Or, it could be the frankly normal and friendly staff, the melancholy/psychedelic music piped in, or the effort put forth to do interior design — not usually a fan of hammered copper, the tables are an especially apt addition to the atmosphere and the electrical suppliers’ theme (which, again, isn’t beaten into an unrecognisable pulp).



I almost hate to recommend it since success will inevitably kill it.  But, no one reads this (mmm…pretty pictures) or if they do they only look for the juvenile humour.  Good.

There are themed music nights (DJs or live).  Don’t screw this up.




Posted May 24, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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