King William IV, Chigwell, Essex   Leave a comment


I had taken a chance on a potentially cool stop at the Olde King’s Head (which was neither cool nor a viable stop) then recalibrated a detour to the King William IV (which was decidedly UNcool, but open and willing to serve me).




I took the cider (overpriced but tasty) out to the front porch so as not to offend the diners who were all dressed in what would be called Smart Casual if this was 1988 (which, being Chigwell in Essex, it technically is) and probably not keen on sitting near a guy sweating as profusely as I was. “Better out than in,” I thought of the sweat but also better to be out of the line of sight and the odorous orb of smell than within.



The wooden tables seemed a really nice touch to this otherwise prefabricated house. Except, wood doesn’t melt when a lit cigarette is left on it. Tsk.



Posted May 25, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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