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It was a long run on uneven terrain with much of it uphill but mostly in the shade to get from the Two Brewers to the Orange Tree. Parched, I went for the tap with the most condensation collected on it which turned out to be the namesake cider. Cloudy, sweet, and very, very cold.



They were still seating folks for Sunday lunch and the footpaths nearby were drawing loads of drinkers to the far-too-sunny-for-me beer garden but I spotted some shade on one of the tables across the car park near a fence. Just over the fence was a rickety-but-still-employed stable I photo-documented in the run write-up.




The crowd was too much for a couple and their two kids, too, and they joined me at an adjacent table. While the father-type was escorting the kids to the loo, I spoke with the mother character about the sights on-trail I had chosen wrong, it seems, since they had just been on an avenue of Giant Redwoods — not as giant as in California but grown from cuttings of the same stock you might find in Yellowstone or Sequoia National Parks.  Next time….

She seemed cursed with the same sort of fair skin I was trying to protect so I drank up and offered the shade which she happily accepted. And, it was back to the run, from there.



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