Moon Under Water, Hounslow, London   1 comment


Jackie’s plane from the Republic of Vulgaria (aka, Trumpministan) was due at 11 so I headed to Heathrow early enough to swing through Hounslow for breakfast at the Moon Under Water.

When we first moved to England, I noticed that many of the pubs in Cambridgeshire (and, later, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and the eastern bits of Oxfordshire) claimed some association with the highwayman Dick Turpin.  I’d forgotten this until, during the LOOP runs these past few weeks, he reappeared in pubs in Hertfordshire and Essex.  And, today this poster faced me as I sipped my dark beer whilst awaiting my meal.  Crikey.  The dude didn’t half get around:



I checked the flight tracker and her plane was due 45 minutes early.  Wolfing down the breakfast, I was soon in Terminal 3 Arrivals.  Hooray!



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