London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP), Index   5 comments


So, now it is finished.

The London Outer Orbital Path is supposed to be a 150 mile long walking trail around the perimeter of London, but my sense of navigation made some of the segments shorter (and most of them longer) than published in the official Guide Pages and I ended up covering 164 miles on or very near it.  It is broken, rather arbitrarily, into 24 sections which I covered, one or more at a time, as listed here:

Sections 1-2, 15 May 2017, industrial Thames, art deco houses, 6 pubs
Sections 3-5, 30 May 2017, Birthday run and a bit laissez-faire with the routes, 6 pubs
Sections 9-6 (counter-clockwise), 10 May 2017, brutally long and unusually pretty run, 7 pubs and 2 fish
Sections 10, 11 March 2017, urban decay, Heathrow’s flight path, and 3 pubs
Sections 11-12, frequent dates and several times because this is so close to the house; all the pubs canal side are covered somewhere herein as are any within ½ mile
Sections 13-14, 12 March 2017, 3 pubs and a muddy, hilly mess
Sections 15, 11 May 2017, Gilbert’s House and rhododendrons plus 4 pubs and a kebab
Sections 16, 12 May 2017, More off-than-on trail but near enough for government work, 4 pubs
Sections 17-18, 16 May 2017, alternative routes but nice canal paths and parkland, 6 pubs
Sections 19-21, 21 May 2017, beautifully wooded segments; hot & sunny, 6 pubs
Sections 22-24, 22 May 2017, good WW2 artifacts, more industrial Thames, 5 pubs and a fish and chip meal

The descriptions here are as inept and inane as you have come to expect from this blog.  I point you to Des de Moor’s fantastically informative guides to the trails if you really want to tackle this project yourself (and learn a bit of the history of the areas you will traverse).  Follow the links to the ‘Commentary’ for each segment and enjoy!

(Section Order: 11-12-10-13-14-9-8-7-6-15-16-1-2-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-3-4-5)


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