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It would have been hard to pass by the Greyhound without a stop.  It is a gorgeous house within and without and the banner proclaiming it the local CAMRA pub of the year was more endorsement than any place needs.  Plus, I was still a pub down on my original run schedule and the stop at the Fox — despite the grand hospitality — had neither slaked my thirst nor satisfied my desire for a “pubby” pub.



The couple that run the Greyhound were at least as friendly as the Fox proprietress, though, and the old house appeared to be freshly cleaned right to the rafters (outside, as well).  A brief chat with the landlady about the slate of beers on offer and I settled on the astringent 4 Hopmen of the Apocalypse by Totally Brewed (I decided to be brave and forgo the proffered taster glass).  It was soothing to the sore throat and crisp and refreshing — so much so that I developed a chill sitting on the porch and had to retreat to the bar.



By this time, a couple of groups had already made their way in (it was now 11:30 am) on what seemed to be a public transportation defined pub crawl.  Wee Keston would be well served with just one of these pubs but the residents must have done something splendid in a previous life to deserve BOTH of these (or, just this one, for that matter).



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