Sandrock, Croydon, Surrey   3 comments


Kung Fu Fighting was on the radio when I entered the Sandrock, now 14 miles into a run that saw my first three planned pubs all not-yet-serving or simply closed (the most recent being the Goat at the 12½ mile mark). I was also incredibly hungry and the pizza here in Tony Lombardi’s gaff looks fantastic but I had my heart set on the cheap steak meal waiting at planned pub #4 (they can’t ALL be closed, eh?).

Mr Lombardi and what I took to be the bar manager were testing some white wines with a fellow that had come in, it seemed, for that express purpose.  When this guy wandered away and started talking to a relatively young man at the bar about pizza, the young guy said something I couldn’t remain quiet about.  “I like all the normal toppings but I can’t stand artichoke hearts.”

“What are you SAYING, dude?” They turned to look at me. “Hearts are the BEST topping…slightly salty, usually a firm bite to them, and the texture…”
“That’s what I can’t stomach, mate: the texture,” he interrupted.
“…is like a woman,” I finished, feeling a bit like Swiss Toni at this observation.
“It reminds me of rice pudding.”
“Where are you getting your women? Or, your rice pudding? Or, am I repeating myself?” They laughed, thankfully, and then smirked at something behind me. I looked back to see the probable bar manager — the only woman in the house — grinning about something. But, my glass was empty and the road ahead a steep climb so I bid the folks farewell.



Posted June 2, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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