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I left my regular digital camera at home on this run so the smart phone was serving as GPS route tracker, wi-fi device, and camera all day.  Less than a mile after the Wattenden Arms, a mile away from my train station (just over 23 miles into the journey, today) I took a snap of the final pub of the day, the Tudor Rose.  The device then shut itself down.

Actually, I could relate to this.  I, too, was exhausted and didn’t realise just how sick I was (nor how much I would be for the next 4-5 days) and I needed this break even though the rest of the run would be downhill and should be easy.



I went outside to sip a Becks and try to get motivated to leave.  An Indian woman was at a nearby table chain smoking, really pulling the things in with two or three draws then lighting another off the previous one.  Just beyond her, a  young couple were eating some chips and didn’t seem especially keen to share them with the toddler they were minding.  I had the impression that the temperature was dropping rapidly but in retrospect it was probably the sweat drying and the fever settling in.

The pub is big and seems more restaurant than bar, but it is also a grand house.  The impression I got at ground level in the garden was of an elegant cottage from one of the colonies more so than an English pub.  Its light, wooden frame interior seems more at home near a beach in Bermuda, Rhodesia, or New Zealand; the exterior brickwork belies its relative recent construction (or renovation or addition — the roof stacks look late-Victorian but the rest screams 1970’s mock-Tudor).

I tried the phone again and it came up with 5% battery left but by the time I snapped a couple of more shots, it shut down again.  It was still early, but the skies had started to get overcast (probably from the plumes of tobacco burnoff at the next pew) and I needed to get going.



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