Wattenden Arms, Kenley, Surrey   3 comments


You’ll find the Wattenden Arms in the shaded village of Kenley (it is surrounded by urban forest and green space) on the north edge of RAF Kenley which the Luftwaffe tried its best to bomb into oblivion in 1940.  My notes on the back of the maps I printed out for this run specifically told me to look around the place for WW2 memorabilia which is supposed to be a feature of the pub; however, you have to actually consult the notes to act on them and it was only today that I spotted them.  Oh, well.



I had a bit of a wait while the barman fiddled with the lines to the Lilley’s Mango cider which, once he finally was able to fill the glass did so with a lot more sediment than I have ever seen in this usual Christmas treat.  While waiting, I admired the cornice work and the old wooden bar.  Beautiful house.



Outside, there were mostly solitary drinkers.  One old guy came out muttering to himself and the others all averted their gaze.  He stopped at a table where a fellow typed away on a laptop, pointed at one of the canvasses on the garden walls, and demanded, “do you even know who that is?”  The kid never looked up and just said, “sorry, no.”

“Beatles tribute act?” I offered, reckoning that this guy is me in a few years (if not me, now) and I owed it to my future self to respond. He looked over, shook his head, and whistled a short, sharp report. A wee terrier trotted out of the bar and they went to a table kind of remote from me.

A moment or two passed as he continued a private dialog in public. He looked my way again and pointed at me.
“No. No. That’s the Beatles, that is.”  He seemed agitated.

“I don’t think so,” I put to him. “Paul and George look like they’ve just dismembered an enemy, and John’s head is too big and rectangular.”
He got up and stood in front of the picture for a minute. “Dear lord! You’re right! Disgraceful.”

“And, don’t get me started on Nico, over there.” He looked at another canvas.
“I thought that was Joni Mitchell.” We were probably both wrong.



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