Old White Lion, East Finchley, London   2 comments


I ran past the Old White Lion back in March (between the Beaten Docket and the Ranelagh) but it wasn’t open that time of day.  On this visit, I didn’t recognize the route until later when I passed another notable pub I noticed back then, just up the road.  My memory is shot.



Most of the pubs in this upscale part of North London are gastro-monstrosities and the Lion also lists itself as such but the crowd here seemed fairly working class (but this appearance may have been just in contrast to the posh hipster teenager pulling pints behind the bar — maybe it’s field work for an anthropology course at uni).  I got the only beer I didn’t recognize and headed to the garden.



The house is loaded with lovely detail.  For instance, the rain drains have a lion rampant motif built into them as well as most of the mains cabling routed through:



But, it was already late on a Friday and I needed to move on if I was going to finish this run before the traffic became untenable.




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