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Q is for the Quays, now overrun with large banking towers but this deal could be Queered by the Brexit-imposed Quarantine of international finance and the exodus of bankers to one of the European centres. It’s happening now, as this goes to e-press.





But, today was about the run.  My thoughts turned to “Quo Vadis;” not the Biblical epic from the 1950s but the Latin phrase, “where are you going?”  To a pub or two, to be sure (this wasn’t an existential question) and I headed through the depressingly overbuilt Canary Wharf, past what appears to be yet more overbuilding on the North Quay, and along the sterile looking restaurants housed in the frankly lovely old warehouses and offices of West India Quay (surely these, too, will be flattened in favour of some more Stalinist/Corbusier-ian — ahem — architecture).







After a Quick one in the Ledger Building (write-up pending) I continued south along the Thames as much as possible and. while the area still reeks of inflated (bloated) land values, some of the excess peeled away.


A view of the City from the west bank of the Isle of Dogs


Sluice gates between Millwall docks and the River Thames


Not only were there locals whose families predated the real estate explosion, but there was also a little evidence that the docks and quays were still working:



Inspired to Quaff another beer by the more comfortable environs, I crossed a park to continue south as the riverside path was blocked.



My map suggested I could get back on the Thames Path by the barge winch, but some posh settlement has built a fence and wall creating a dead-end if you don’t hold the key (or, indeed, if you don’t hold the Quay).




But, the detour took me past a pretty crafts and performing arts centre, The Space:




Eventually, I found my way to the Ferry House (write-up pending), just below the Lord Nelson (which spotted me a beer during the London Marathon).  Another half Quart (that is to say, a pint — the Quantum of beer consumption in this blog) down and I was heading north for more sightseeing.



Frank Dobson’s “Woman and Fish” greeted me in the Millwall Park:



I should be more mature, but I always giggle about Mudchute:





Just beyond the park, I stopped in the George (write-up pending), the 3rd and last pub of the day.  Meeting my Quota and thirst Quenched, I continued the run along the Oakland Quay.



I soon Questioned the logic of only 3 pubs but as I reached South Quay Station, the prefabricated and oppressive atmosphere returned and I was set straight once more.



There were some nice ships to see moored at the Millwall Cutting just off the Thames Quay:


The Millwall Cutting


And, then it was over as I reached my station at Heron Quays:



So, the run appears to be another success.  Q.E.D.



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