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The Ferry House, which claims to be the oldest pub on the Isle of Dogs, is a scant 50 meters from the Lord Nelson which provided me with a pint as I reached the pub in the midst of the 2012 London Marathon.  The crowds would have blocked all view of this little side street at that time but by then I was in no condition to make notes on future pub stops.

On this run, I found the house inhabited only by one old punter, an affable barmaid, and eventually the Irish landlord.  Oh, and a host of ceramic dogs guarding access to the stairwell.



A discussion of gin broke out or, rather, a discussion of how doomed “this gin craze” is.  “Its days are few, now, I tell you,” intoned the publican.

“What’s next them?” followed up the barmaid.
“Only the Lord knows. Probably vodka, since there’s not a hair’s difference between them,” he snarked.  “Hipsters will grab on to anything.”

Glancing at the bar, she suggested a comparison of Smirnoff and Grey Goose. “Try the Goose before the Smirnoff or even the other way around and you’ll see there’s a difference.”

“It’s true,” I interrupted. “Good vodka ice-cold is a wonderful thing.”
They both looked incredulous. “Surely you’re not suggesting it straight.”
“Oh, yes. It would be a sin to mix fine spirits with anything other than other fine spirits or maybe a little water.”
“But…but, VODKA?”

I told them about Arpad, the then Hungarian master of the University of Arizona Mass Spec Facility when I worked out there. I would park in his driveway during runs in the North Tucson hills and then try to get out before he awoke because, if he spotted the car, he would greet me on my return with a “Hungarian shot” of vodka (essentially four fluid ounces, served straight from the freezer in a water glass and taken in one go).

“Why would he do that, then?”
“Tradition.  And, he thought it would be rude not to. Mind you, it made the morning drive back to my neighbourhood a little more relaxing.”
Morning? Why didn’t you refuse?”
“That would have been rude, too.”

They returned to their conversation without me and probably didn’t hear me ask, “now, what about that comparison test?”


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