The George, Isle of Dogs, London   1 comment


The George was really splitting the difference between a local (serving the traditional residents) and business bar. Unlike a lot of houses, it was doing a fantastic job. I got an interesting ale and threaded my way through the crowded bars out to an empty table at the back of the beer garden.




The two 20-somethings at the table near me were coworkers and, as became obvious, the middle-aged fellow that lumbered over was yet another. I didn’t hear how this started but they were busy propping up his self-esteem for some reason.

“Steve, you’re an incredibly attractive man,” one said with a tone that tacitly implied, “for your age.”
“Yes, Steve, you’re easily the most attractive man in this beer garden.”
I piped up, “Hey…I’m sitting right here.”




With that interruption, Steve addressed me. “As a disinterested party, what’s your opinion?”
“I have to be honest, Steve. You’re incredibly fuckable.”
“Really? What?” The other two were pissing themselves. “Are you saying you’d fuck me?”
“Steve, Steve, Steve. I’m a married man,” I pointed to the wedding band. “I’m just saying…I’m married, I ain’t dead.”

My counsel wasn’t sought after that.



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