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R is for Respiratory Distress, although I toyed with the idea of Roman London or Red Lion pubs.  The theme comes from a post on The Deserter about 6 pubs in the worst pollution hotspots in SE London and, since they are all clustered together, it seemed an easy enough effort — and easier still since I’ve already written up 2 of them … the Flowers of the Forest the night before the 2012 London Marathon and the Beehive during my K for Kennington Run earlier in this year’s portion of the London A to Z saga.  Additionally, a 3rd pub of this short list, the Albert Arms, was damaged in a Good Friday fire this year and has yet to Reopen.


The Albert was the first I crossed and I thought it might be open but on approaching it noticed a plumb bob and some other carpentry equipment propped in the front window.  Shame.  It looks a grands house.



The Run, itself, was only ¾ mile done straight through (1½ with the onward trot to the wife’s work to meet her for a Friday pre-commute drink).  So, I made the Route serpentine to get it over 3 miles.

There were passes into the neighbourhood where I first went past the “Come On Eileen” taping site and through some fine garden and park zones with mature (and prone) mulberry trees — above — and some pretty purple things I suspect to be some ornamental form of garlic:



These purple starbursts were adjacent to the sport park beside the Imperial War Museum (one of my faves, in town) and just across this wall:



Lambeth, bombed as heavily as it was, has done remarkably well with the modern architecture such as this poured concrete wall at one of the libraries:



And, you just can’t go wrong with a William Blake site:



I managed to hit 3 pubs on this run (the Prince of Wales, the Horse & Stables, and the Crown & Cushion) and then Jackie and I let the rush hour traffic die down at the Pineapple before escaping the SW postcodes via the marvelous Lambeth North Station:





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