Sanctuary House, Westminster, London   1 comment


We left Parliament Square after the talks and sought out a pub for a quiet drink before the long Tube ride home. The Sanctuary House looked good and we headed toward the door only to have one of the young women in this picture turn pleadingly to us and point at the old man. He looked up, almost desperate.

“Sprechen sie Deutsche?” he implored and without waiting for an answer added, “wo ist eine Toilette, bitte?”

Scrambling for anything I could remember, I said something meant to sound like,

“Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch ist Scheiße. Komm mit uns,”

hoping I said, “sorry, my German is shit … you should follow us” and NOT that “I hope you shit yourself while we are there to watch.” He didn’t seem to care either way and we went into the bar.

We were greeted by a hostess (a fucking hostess, for Christ sake). “We’re just here for drinks,” I told her then putting my arm around our kraut tag-along added, “and our friend here needs the toilet.” We then sent him on his way to the loo and ourselves to the briefest of stops at the bar before moving on.



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