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We were uncomfortable at the Sanctuary House (they had a fucking hostess), and were really hoping for a more relaxing stop somewhere.  We headed toward St James Park tube station planning to try for some place closer to home but Jackie wanted to drop some coins in a junkie’s hat and while she was busy talking to him I spotted the Old Star across the way.



For a Westminster pub, this is more like a local than you might expect and, even with the Westminster style pricing we were able to secure a nice bottle of wine for £17.70.

The crowds were a mix of tourists, locals, people just off from or heading to work at some service job or another, and a few of our sign bearing comrades from the march and rally that had just finished half an hour earlier.  It had been a hectic week (as has this one — it is already Thursday and I’m just now finishing last of Saturday’s write-ups) and we spent the time catching up with one another: the books we are reading on the journey betwixt home and work, job applications we have out, and plans for a long weekend we are taking shortly.  Sure, we talk at dinner, but a good bottle-length pub chat is focused and, yet, open-ended.

And, this was a good pub to do it in.  We had street side seats and watched a lost and very drunk hen party pass multiple tourists of a full palette of nationalities all avoid eye contact with J’s Junkie Buddy.  Downstairs, there is an arched snug that was tempting as well (but, alas, it was full of a Cockney family dining like Americans so we will have to secure that bit of real estate on another visit).




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