The Old Nun’s Head, Nunhead, London   Leave a comment


About halfway to Peckham Rye from Nunhead Cemetery, we came over a bit thirsty and popped into the Old Nun’s Head for a short one.  Nice pub: they have the drunken octopus hooks I think all pubs should have and Jackie was quite happy with the funky music the barkeeper selected (it HAD to be him, judging from the appearance of everyone else backstage).



And, abandoned at 2pm on Thursday but the food offerings look really grand (especially the pop-up nights…Thursday was Indian street food which looked grand as I watched the prep through the kitchen window, and Wednesday is Greek food with the corny theme “I should be Souvlaki“).



Jackie got a Chardonnay (verdict: refreshing) and I got a pint split between 3 thirds of Hop Stuff Arsenal Pale Ale, Hop Stuff Renegade IPA (best of the bunch), and Signature American Pale Ale which, since the pump clip is only labeled once they measure ABV, I had the most hope for but, alas, it was a bit low-key.

Oh, there were Nun’s Head themed images all over.  This would have been annoying were it not for the fetishistic aspects of some of them.




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