The Crown and Sceptre, Streatham, London   2 comments


The run started at the north end of the Streatham Archipelago in Streatham Hill because there was a Wetherspoons handy for the morning sot.  In the Crown & Sceptre at 8:55 am gave me time to finish changing into my running kit, have that long-delayed morning evacuation, and check out the bevs on offer.  At 9:00 sharp, I was handing over my cash in exchange for a Kung Fu Cider, almost ash grey and lightly sweet but not cloying (like a white pulp peach more so than an apple)…apparently made with ginseng, ginger, lychee, and tea.



The place was abandoned.  One guy came in while I was there, ordered a Stella, used it to wash down a couple of pills, and shoved the empty pint glass back in a little under a minute.  HE would have been worth talking to, but I wasn’t quick enough.



Still, an attractive bar.  Oh, I’m sure you had Kung Fu Fighting stuck in your heads as soon as I mentioned the tipple.  I used that in a recent post about the Sandrock (coincidentally named nearly the same as this cider’s orchard), so here’s an alternative Kung Fu Cider video:



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