The Sultan, Streatham, London   2 comments


My pub run around Streatham had gone well save for the fact that most of the pubs did not open by (or even nearly by) their published hours.  The most recent liars were at the 5 Bells (fuck them) but since it was after noon I reckoned I would trot up to the most intriguingly named pub on my map, The Sultan.  Barely 300 meters outside the borders of Brixton, it is still technically a Streatham Hill pub (although Brixton — especially this southern extreme that could also claim Clapham if it wanted — carries a bit of cachet to it, exotic like the pub name itself).



I was in a hurry for lunch and an early afternoon train, the bartender seemed busy with petty bureaucratic details, and there were no other customers for me to accost so I took my lager to the garden and watched some scaffolding arise next door.  One of the workers on the unfinished framework threatened whilst miming the emptying of a pint, “I’ll be down to join you in two ticks, mate,” but I finished my beverage in solitude.




Posted July 13, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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