The Fox, Hanwell, London   1 comment


I ran past my turn to join the Brent tow path but knew the Fox was just off the canal path, anyway, so I continued up there.  A guy walking what looked like a llama and a pony — but turned out to be large dogs…I think — went in ahead of me.  Another couple had a conventionally sized pooch with them.  I felt under dressed.



I fetched my “Not So Bitter” to a table at the end of the bar and spotted the manager (the “spotted manager?”) on alert by the kitchen entrance:



I think this is what is known, in regular pub reviews, as a “dog friendly pub.”



It’s also a drunk friendly pub.  One guy came up for a round for his table bragging about how much he can drink but obviously he meant from zero as I reckoned one or two more was going to be enough to land him in the hospital.  The barmaid just smiled and commented, “you must be very proud.”

Lovely joint, too, and that’s not just my opinion.  The four framed certificates are Branch CAMRA Pub Of The Year awards.



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