The Lamb, Southall, London   2 comments


It was a short jog down the towpath from the Old Oak Tree to the Lamb and I barely broke a sweat on the way.  The bar was busy when I entered but everyone had been served so I asked for a Fosters and the tap immediately blew.  “I’ll be right back,” promised the barmaid as she disappeared to change the barrel.

I spent the wait asking about a cocktail the lone black guy was sipping.  Some flavoured vodka and Sourz liqueur and orange juice on a lot of ice.  We both said, “refreshing,” at the same time.  I already liked this house.



I had declared POETS day since I had three consecutive 10-hour days just previous, but I thought I should at least check my email in case anything at work had caught fire.  I found a seat out-of-the-way and started approving some purchases when the fellow with the hat from the Old Oak Tree appeared and said, “you don’t half get around, do you?”




We talked first about his trip around America in 1979, then Southall and the bars in the area.

“Was that your first time in the Oak Tree?” he asked.
“Yeah, ‘salright, I guess.”
“Did you hear the women behind the curtain?” At this, I knew where the conversation was heading.
“Prossies?” I asked, knowing the answer before he nodded.
“You didn’t know that when you went in?” I bit my upper lip and slowly shook my head.

He chuckled. “Did you run there? I mean, you came in all red-faced and sweating and I think everyone thought you were there for business.”

“No, I just came in to price an Indian wedding.”

He moved on and an old Indian guy that had been listening to me struck up a conversation unrelated to any of the foregoing. Yep, this is a great bar.





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