The Viaduct, Hanwell, London   1 comment


The fourth pub on the day’s run was the Viaduct on the Uxbridge Road between Hayes and Ealing, at the once navigable River Brent, and close enough to the railroad tracks to heave a pint glass.  I don’t know which of these entails the Viaduct for which it is named, though.

It was mostly groups of people so I sat alone but not lonely.  Three primary schoolgirls in yellow uniforms waddled past.  “Ducks?” I asked the mum in charge that followed them toward the loo.  She rolled her eyes and said, “quack, quack,” as she passed.

A retarded guy stopped by and talked for a minute before moving on to a table around the corner.  I am even more comfortable than normal using the archaic nomenclature, by the way, because when I pointed at his glass and tried to ask what he was drinking, he interrupted thus:

“What are you–” drinking, I would have finished.
“Retarded,” he interrupted, looking satisfied, even smug.





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