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U is for Udder and today’s run visited milk related pubs.  At one point, I was thinking about making this A to Z runUpminister,” way out East (to fill in the Map, a bit).  The more obvious choice, considering proximity to the house, would have been Uxbridge but for the fact that I have visited every pub with in several miles of there already.  So, Udder it is.  Here’s how it played out.  [Note: The Einar Jónsson sulpture, above, is in Reykjavik, but it was simply too good to ignore for this write-up.]



To start, I decided to run to the only “Milk Street” in London before continuing on to the Old Red Cow by Smithfield Market, but to get to Milk Street from Moorgate Station, the best route involved a trot up Trump Street until it turned into (I shit you not) Russia Row.  The above map excerpt is from Google, and if you use street view you can look up Trump Street on this link and turn 180° to gaze up Russia Row.  You can’t make this kind of thing up, can you?  Don’t even get me started on Prudent Passage….


And, of course, everything Trump leads to the Gutter:


Every run seems to involve an ear worm and the song I couldn’t get out of my head after spotting this wall-tidy was Gumboots by Paul Simon:



On the way to the Bountiful Cow, yet another sign caught my eye (but this will be the last off topic one, I think):



Inside the BC, I was treated to a plethora of cow-related artifacts:



And, up in Islington I spotted cow-themed storage sheds:


The finale of Season One of the Handmaid’s Tale airs here Sunday night and this next sign caught me off guard.  For the sake of sticking to the theme, we’ll refer to this as “The Milkmaid’s Tale.”



I finally reached my third planned stop, The Old Dairy, and was greeted with a locked door behind which there appeared to be a child’s birthday party going on.  Shit.  Cow shit.



But, the Stapleton Tavern was right across the street and had some cow skulls on the wall:



So, there you have it.  V, W, X, Y, and Z remain…what will they be?



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