The Old Red Cow, Barbican, London   1 comment

“Fela?” I asked when the barman at the Old Red Cow caught my eye.
I pointed to the speakers above his head. “Fela Kuti?” I elaborated.
“No, that’s who I thought it was, too. It’s Vieux Farka Touré, he explained along with a long backstory about how he was listening to something similar and a guy at the bar turned him on to this.

“Touré,” I slowly repeated while writing it on my map. “I’ve heard of him,” although I think I was thinking of his father Ali Farka Touré.



We got into a brief conversation about the Devizes International Street Festival. “Devizes is great…a sleepy, little stoner town out in Wiltshire that goes wild every August Bank Holiday Weekend. Well worth the trip. I have seen some of the most sublime shows ever there.”  From there the conversation turned to the acts I could remember.

“I think I am convinced I should go there,” he said, writing the name down.

Oh, the pub…pretty nice considering it is run by white Rastafarians. Great selection of beer. And, did I mention the music?



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