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W is for Women.  I was going to do Windmills because there are a few still in existence (with eponymous pubs) between Brixton and Wimbledon; however, whilst scouting the U for Udder run I spotted some street names that inspired me.  [Note: it was only while typing this line that I noticed that ‘UdderSHOULD have brought me to this point, but there you go.  Also, this is — like the innuendo run a few years ago — going to be a fairly Politically Incorrect write-up, so fire up your complaint engines.]

“… there’s nothing but quarreling with the women; it’s my belief they like it better than victuals and drink.”
— Fanny Burney


The run started from Oxford Circus Station with a small backtrack to Swallow Place (an homage to the old saying that women spit but ladies swallow).

A short jog away is D’Arblay Street, named for Madame D’Arblay who was one of my favourite Regency writers (she earned a spot in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey). A remarkable woman, this one, surviving breast cancer or, more to the point, a mastectomy done without anaesthetics then writing about it from a patient’s point of view.



“Travelling is the ruin of all happiness. There’s no looking at a building here after seeing Italy.”
— Fanny Burney


D’Arblay was, by the way, her married name. She wrote under her given name of Fanny Burney which is humourous enough in the American vernacular but in British slang is laugh-out-loud funny (and wholly appropriate for this irreverent write-up).


Only obliquely related to the main topic…an old joke: “A date once told me that a small penis was nothing to worry about but I still wish she didn’t have one.”

Just below D’Arblay Street on Poland Street, the Star and Garter fit the bill for my first pub stop.

Not the Star and Garter of the pub name

From there I headed toward the suitably named Maiden Lane only to be waylayed by Harpies or, more specifically, The Harp pub. The next themed stop — with nearly as funny a name as Fanny Burney — was the Dickson Poon School of Law, part of King’s College London.





“I am too inexperienced and ignorant to conduct myself with propriety in this town, where every thing is new to me, and many things are unaccountable and perplexing.”
— Fanny Burney

And, since ladies all love astrologyy:




By this time, I was feeling a bit peckish. It seemed almost fate that, on my way to this run, a billboard at Ruislip Station put the thought of fish tacos in my head; I trundled up to Breddos Tacos to satisfy my cravings and tick another euphemism off the box.



Sated, I diverted the run through Glasshouse Yard reckoning that if anywhere was going to have a glass ceiling to break through it would be a glass house. Skirting past the City of London School for Girls I found appropriate pub number three, the Rack and Tenter.



Wanting to wrap this one up before I ran out of rude terms and archaic stereotypes, I veered off Threadneedle to the Cock and Woolpack (write-up soon), for one more pint before following Old Broad to the station and home again.






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