The Charlie Chaplin, Elephant and Castle, London   1 comment

Pub #1917:


Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre is doomed.  This news put an edge of urgency on this pub visit to the Charlie Chaplin, which has been on my shortlist for ages; but, I wanted to settle in for a while and get to know the place a bit.  Not well enough to get stabbed, mind you (although with me it is always a possibility), but to get to know another aspect of one of my favourite neighbourhoods. Events forced my hand and Friday I stopped in for the briefest visit possible: a single pint of Foster’s before a possibly negative decision comes down with regards to the Police application to revoke the Chaplin’s license.


Wonderful experience, overall.  Suspicion from some, greetings from others.  The bar ladies were good…sloppy, but good.  And, the bar reminded me of an urban version of The Chequers in Cottenham.  Yeah, a bit like being at home.


The namesake of the pub should have felt at home when he visited in August (American date order) 1972.  He had spent some of his impressionable years in the Lambeth Workhouse (now a Cinema Museum, around the corner a bit) while his mum holed up in the Imperial War Museum for another chunk of Charlie’s youth (the building IWM is in was once the Bedlam Hospital):




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