Barons Court to Wimbledon, District Line (some Piccadilly), TfL Run Project   6 comments


{A map and technical description are in the 2017 Holiday Run Streak Week 1 post.}

I always get a decent run in on Thanksgiving, but this year was a bit melancholy.  The spouse was off to the States on a family emergency so my nearly 40-year-old tradition of rising at dawn to prep too-much-food after a Bloody Mary for breakfast was coq blocked by the mother-in-law’s broken hip.



After seeing Jackie off to the security portal at Terminal 3, I grabbed a quick pint at the Three Bells and caught the Tube down to Barons Court to pick up the Piccadilly Line segment to Earl’s Court.  Although the District Line from Barons Court to West Ken was already done last week, I needed to pause there to pick up the missing WK to EC bit, as well.



On the way, this launderette made me smile.  We have Edie almost entirely because our previous cat, Bobo, took a shine to him back in Arizona.  Bobo hated most other cats but our little black-and-white buddy seemed to love the tabby moron that we now tend.  Oh, I miss Bobo every day … he was my three-legged cycling buddy in Amsterdam and fearless and smart.  Memories.



Right.  Earls Court loomed and I headed south to pick up West Brompton and Fulham Broadway:



Parson’s Green Station made the news in September when a kid set fire to a bucket of chemicals in a half-assed terroism attempt.



Next up was Putney Bridge which is literally built into Putney Bridge:



I didn’t know who Frederick Richard Simms was, but his Blue Plaque was along the path to the foot- and railbridge across the Thames.   He built weaponised war vehicles and coined the word “petrol.”



Then, it was off to the glorious south:



The stations were architecturally diverse and interesting from here.  Next up were East Putney, Southfields, and Wimbledon Park:



In Wimbledon at 11:30, I surveyed the landscape for a suitable pub, eventually choosing the Prince of Wales 50 meters or so behind the modernist statue of the lesbians in front of the mall:



Maybe they aren’t lesbians (not that there’s anything wrong with it), but take a look at the haircuts, the sensible shoes, the clandestine handholding…good for you, girls.



And, so I found myself at the end of the District Line branch and the beginning of the Tram.


Here’s the new bits of the Piccadilly and District Lines from the day’s run:


And, the overall system map.


6 responses to “Barons Court to Wimbledon, District Line (some Piccadilly), TfL Run Project

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  2. I really like the “putney bridge footpath” photo. So much going on there, with the various shadows and perspective. Looks like something I might like to paint. Hmm… Also – on the Thanksgiving front, maybe you’ll make your feast when the Missus returns. I plan to make ours in a week or so, when it’s not 95 frigging degrees. Dag.


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