2017 Holiday Run Streak, Week 1 (Thanksgiving Week)   12 comments

Last year, a calf injury upended plans to repeat the annual Holiday Run Streak from the Saturday before Thanksgiving (the only US holiday I cling to) until the Saturday after New Year’s Day.  This year, as usual, it is a involves a minimum of 3 miles per day (which really only impacts my rest and cross-training days since I am already far exceeding this the rest of the week).  The ordeal started 18 November and continues until 6 January 2018…50 days instead of the usual 43 due to an early Thanksgiving and a Monday New Year.


Saturday 18 November (above) was the first of the ritual runs and was supposed to be 7 miles but ended up a little over 9 while I knocked out a simple section of the TfL Run Project from South Harrow to Ruislip Station (for the Piccadilly Line and picking up the Metropolitan Line at Rayners Lane).

Sunday 19 November was the weekly scheduled long run and I fell 3 miles short of the scheduled 23 but 17 over the run streak’s remit.


Already written up as part of the TfL Run Project, I would also add this trippers’ delight of a long-boat on the canal path about a mile from Paddington.  The collection of mannequins, other artefacts, and vegetation changes week-to-week, but there is always a bit that is either interesting or comic.  I see other boats that I look forward to, but this one is always a joy:


There was also this other chuckle on the Sunday run, between Edgware Road Station and Marble Arch (great name for a Super Hero, sort of):

Monday 20 November, the putative cross training day of the workout week, met the minimum with a quick trot from Hillingdon after work. Knackered, I forgot about the TfL segments I COULD have done. Oy.

Monday 20 November


Tuesday 21 November was a commute run from Thornhill Park and Ride out the wrong way to Wheatley then up Shotover Hill (more of a climb than I really needed) and into Oxford to grab a shower before half-assing some work:



Wednesday 22 November got a TfL Run Project write-up, too.  See if you can spot where I got lost:



Jackie had to return to the US to help out with a family emergency and flew on Thanksgiving Day (Americans generally don’t travel on TGD so at least the flights were cheaper).  Several friends (some current, some from yonks ago) suggested I put off the feast until her return but that is just not the way things work.  In fact, on the day’s run from Barons Court to Wimbledon (and then to Croydon) I spotted a couple of bins with “Feed Me” posted on them (which made me smile).  Later, checking the GPS app (Strava) on the phone I was confronted with this:


Cue the earworm of the day:


The meal was roast leg of lamb and a baked potato with fig bars for dessert, by the way.  Here’s the trail map:



Friday 24 November was the Black Friday Avoidance Trot from Watford to Chalfont & Latimer, covered elsewhere but without this final bit of detail:



Saturday 25 November: Okay, I am fully aware that this is an 8 day week, but the extra day was going to have to be dealt with at some point.  The 7 days from 18th to 24th November involved 81.4 miles, the stretch from the 19th thru today was 83.1 miles, and the total for all 8 days (the streak so far) is 92.4.

This final run  of the week was the Billy Bragg soaked Barking-Dagenham-Upminster (write-up soon) 11 mile run, here:




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