Barking to West Ham, District and Hammersmith & City Lines, TfL Run Project   2 comments

{A map and technical description are in the 2017 Holiday Run Streak Week 2 post.}

From Beckton to Barking isn’t especially far but my legs were agony.  I stopped at the Victoria in Barking for some systemic liniment a mile or so after I found that my targeted pub had become a private residence.  From there, it was back to the TfL Project after a brief moment to admire the clock tower (despite the mobile phone masts stinking it up).



As I trotted to Barking Station, one of my podcasts featured a possum story (which I’m always up for) that was also a drinking story.  I looked it up on the Interwebs on my return home.



Leaving Barking, another sad pub conversion appeared.  You shouldn’t be allowed to trade on the pub’s history if you are part of the destruction of the industry.



A lower back spasm hit me as I passed beneath this flyover.  As I lay on my back on the freezing pavement stones trying to stretch out my right hamstring (I felt this coming on miles back), no one passed.  Good, since they would either have mugged me or, worse, stopped to help.  Who the fuck needs that burden?



A couple of scoops of liquid muscle relaxer at the Miller’s Well set me to rights and I focused on the task at hand.  In immediate succession (I daren’t say, “rapid”), East Ham, Upton Park, Plaistow, and West Ham Station fell to the project:



This was the point at which I rejoined the DLR segments I started in the morning.  I realised I had eaten nothing since the fruit I picked up at the Woolwich Market many hours earlier, and was absolutely famished; so, I grabbed a piece of cod at the Station Fish Bar before heading off into the fading daylight.

The enormity of the District Line is becoming a bit less daunting:

The Hammersmith and City Line got an east side endcap:


And, the entire TfL Network is beginning to come together a bit more:



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