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Friday entailed another race against the setting sun on a TfL Run Project trot, this time starting at Embankment. The actual route is here:




Missed the Underground Roundel fro Kennington on this map…drink and/or drugs may have been involved


Sticking to The Embankment, the next station was Temple.






On the segment to Blackfriars, a winged stallion on a gate startled me…I was certain, just moments before, that I was the only winged stallion on the Thames Path.




At Blackfriars, the path to Mansion House and Cannon Street veered inland a bit.




Mansion House

Cannon Street



Leaving Cannon Street, I was now finished with the Circle Line and one, small segment shy of completing the District:






Avoiding the foot traffic in The City is difficult at the best of times. I took some alleyways to get to Bank Station where I started working on some of the Northern Line:








Crossing London Bridge, the Thames looked especially busy (but, there was a nice view of HMS Belfast and the Tower Bridge).




The next 1½ miles yielded the most congested pavements of the evening. London Bridge and Borough Stations passed easily enough, though.


London Bridge




Just after Borough, I took a cider break at the Gladstone Arms. Then, straight down to Elephant & Castle.




Elephant & Castle 1


I stood by the Faraday monument in the roundabout to take a photo of the station, but just the other side was a different entrance to the same station (assuming the first one serves the Northern Line and the 2nd the Bakerloo).



Elephant & Castle 2



The shopping centre’s Elephant & Castle could use some fresh paint.




I took a wrong turn and had to loop back to Kennington Station but approaching it from an unplanned angle yielded a new perspective on its dome:





Close enough to my finish, I stopped for another beverage at the Ship before heading past North Lambeth Station to Waterloo.




The full system map after tonight’s run:



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