Bank to Bank Loop, Northern/Overground/DLR Lines, TfL Run Project   1 comment


At Bank Station 7:30 Saturday morning, I set out to tidy some dangling segments of the Northern Line and Overground as the TfL Run Project continued.



Heading toward Moorgate, the dragons of The City of London Corporation guarded the exit:



The dawn was cold and rainy and I focused on the path religiously, knocking out the Northern Line bits from Bank Station to Angel quickly:




Old Street



If it were easier to travel to any end of the remaining bits, I could finish it in a single trip; but, the Northern Line will probably fall in two modest runs in the next few weeks:




From Angel Station, the next stop was Canonbury a little ways north.  In transit, this old (I’m guessing) cinema caught my eye:



The Overground is still, after all this work already, daunting (shown here with today’s effort included):




Lost in some council estates, I eventually emerged in the suburban paradise, Canonbury.  Still fucking cold and wet, though.




On the way to Dalston Junction, Mildmay Library was a colourful example of 1980’s public architecture:



Dalston Junction and Haggerston were stacked one on the other a half mile apart.  Just follow the elevated tracks:


Dalston Junction



This waterside watering hole looks worth a visit but, alas, not at 8 in the morning:



Hoxton Station had a little more character than the last two:




Across the alley from Hoxton Station:



Shoreditch High Street Station is huge, stretching far down the now East-West tracks (there is a big turn eastward here from the North-South rail I followed for the last several stations):


Shoreditch High Street


Some of the copious (and increasingly commercial) Shordeditch graffiti:



Whitechapel Station is set back from the road while the roadside entrance is refurbished.  Shadwell Station is actually two stations: the Overground and the DLR ones:



Shadwell Overground

And, that’s where I took up with the DLR.  (I don’t know what happened with the map, below, but Canning Town to Lewisham has not yet been completed.)



Shadwell DLR


I got turned around in The City a bit.  Lot’s of construction, two film crews, and some oligarchic or other hyperwealthy security sent me out of my way before I finally took a break in the Crosse Keys.  Then, it was a quick trot to close the loop:





And, there you have it.  Here’s the system map through today:





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