The Ship, Kennington, London   1 comment


Pub #2055:

Dusk was settling in, the sun had set ½ hour earlier.  It was still easy to see aberrations in the pavement when I emerged from the estate of flats a little less than a mile from the end of my run and Jackie was still tied to the Help Desk at her job for another hour; so, I popped into the bar that popped up seemingly out of nowhere: The Ship.



The bar arcs around the centre of the room and has respectable cocktail fixings stocked at chest level — pouring, not optics … nice.  I got a pint of something from the Brains brewery and mosied around to the side facing the windows and main entrance although, like the two guys you can barely make out through the bottles, everyone new came through the rear entrance.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



Jackie, just the evening before, had mentioned wanting to get a working rotary phone when we move to our next house.  I didn’t think the digital system — we get our landline service through our cable box — would work with one; but, there under the bar sat a splendid model.  I asked the landlady if it actually works.  “Yes, but we had to have a modern cable fitted.  When it rings, it scares shite out of people this side of the bar.”

A bit of a web search while waiting at Jackie’s library turned up the pub as a location in the 1971 film Melody.  The article suggests it wasn’t originally popular in the West but that it is a cult classic in Japan.  I must seek it out.




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