The Crosse Keys, City of London   3 comments

Pub #2056:

Formerly a branch (or more to the point: THE branch) of HSBC or the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the Crosse Keys was a welcome sight at 9:10 am Saturday.  I used to think HSBC stood for “High Street Banking Company” when it was my bank and was only put right about it when the corporation fell afoul of US money laundering laws.  I don’t think anyone went to jail for that one but, on the bright side, I don’t think Trump will be able to pony up a similar $2 billion in fines when the Mueller investigation ends.




The City is not really a tourist area even during the work week, but on the weekends it is abandoned…quiet canyons of skyscrapers. Inside, the bar is at the centre of the old bank lobby with its ornate marble buttresses and arched skylights, a scene incongruous with the scattering of builders and isolated breakfast drinkers.

To be fair, it also looks an appropriate setting for a “Palace of Justice and Judgement,” a thought which probably crossed more minds than mine.




As per drinks, mine was a pint of porter, the first nutrition of the day.  I couldn’t linger in the beautiful (and, didn’t wish to in the intimidating) surroundings and soon layered back up and headed out into the cold, damp morning to finish the run.




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  2. Have you been in the Knights Templar on the corner of Chancery Lane and Carey Street? Another ‘Spoons with a similar vibe.


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