Canada Water to Sydenham, Overground, TfL Run Project   2 comments


The weekend seems to begin with a TfL run, lately.  This time, the end-of-work-week-commute took me to Canada Water Station for a trip along the Overground to shorten the loose ends south to Sydenham.





The area around Canada Water contains at once some of the oldest/most beautiful and newest/most egregious examples of architecture in London.  Here’s Canada Water Station:


Canada Water


Just outside the station, there’s a pond with a commemorative sculpture to the deal porters.  “Deal” is a term for softwood timber used to build temporary bridges and conveyances; the deal porters were some of the integral labour in the construction of the Canada Docks over at the quay.



Very nearby, about ¼ mile south, lies Surrey Quays station.  Katy-cornered across the intersection sits the Surrey Docks pub (write-up soon) where the first, well-deserved break occurred.


Surrey Quays


The journey to New Cross Gate went through some bleak Council estates made all the bleaker by closure of the estate pubs:




New Cross Gate and Brockley were next, shrouded in swarms of school kids blocking up the pavements en route:


New Cross Gate



At Brockley, I paused to shoot this mural of Bob Marley:



And, spotted this beautifully named Viet Namese snack bar around the corner:



Next, as the sun set, Honor Oak  and Forest Hill toppled.  At Forest Hill, the Capitol (write-up to come) slowed the pace a bit.


Honor Oak Park

Forest Hill


Hands up. Don’t shoot,” said Jesus.  Pilate, of course, obliged.  And, no one ever the let the truth get in the way of a good story.



At last, Sydenham.  This end of the Overground is now finished!




And, here we have the current state of the Overground:


And, as always, the system:



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