The Surrey Docks, Surrey Quays, London   1 comment


Pub #2058:

The two other customers at the Surrey Docks were being served their large but uncomplicated drinks orders by the two bartenders when I walked up wearing a high visibility jacket (having just started the day’s run).  Five minutes passed and another guy came up and stood next to me for a moment then moved over next to the bartender-customer pair to my left.  They finished their business with the bartender coming over directly in front of me to use the cash register before returning and taking the interloper’s order.  Dickhead.



The second bartender finished and then stood where she was, staring into space everywhere except where the fluorescent clad man, 5 feet away was.  “Ahem,” I said and she begrudgingly dragged her fat ass over.  “Pint of this porter, please,” I requested.  She didn’t move.  I leaned in front of it and read the pump clip to her, again adding “pint” and “please.”  No reaction.  I pointed at — then tapped with my finger — the clip: “one of these, if it isn’t too much bother.”  Don’t hurry, love, lest you snap that rod up your ass.

I had seen the manager pacing back and forth behind the bar with a scarf around his neck.  It was probably cold in back where he kept disappearing so his fingers were, no doubt, too stiff for HIM to have bothered pouring my beer in the nearly 10 minutes it took to get this one.  As I headed toward the only empty table by the window, he pushed past me (I managed not to spill anything, luckily) and sat there himself and immediately started fucking with his phone.

What a bunch of assholes.




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