Stratford to Islington, Overground/Victoria (finished)/Piccadilly, TfL Run Project   Leave a comment


Even two weeks ago, this run project seemed too big to finish; but, as I prepped for the cold and potentially rainy run ahead this Saturday, the remaining trails seemed entirely tractable. I managed to hit all but a few planned segments today (due in large part to an ugly crowd inside the single pub stop).




I took an early — but not pre-dawn, this time — train to Stratford to start.





The morning sun lit my favourite and least favourite structures on the Olympic Park grounds: the velodrome and the ugly knot.




I encountered a bit of wall art and was so taken by some of the more professional bits that I didn’t frame the shot to tell who it is, exactly, who has herpes (2nd pic). So much for my Public Service credentials.





Hackney Wick Station is under refurbishment conditions.  Homerton looks like a recreation centre in the States:


Hackney Wick



Moving along, a glint of the glazing on this much smaller wall art at the Alfred Heath Centre caught my eye. There are a couple more of these hanging there, as well.





A bit of attention to the path got me to the stations at Hackney Central, Dalston Kingsland (despite having to negotiate the market leading up to it), Canonbury, then Highbury and Islington.



Hackney Central

Dalston Kingsland


Highbury & Islington, 1st Pass


The original plan — to make a loop then pick up the Overground out to Gospel Oak from here — was still in place but was eventually scrapped in the interest of time. So, this would be the last of my Overground segments for the day.




Following the path to King’s Cross/St Pancras for a segment of the Victoria Line, I spotted the station from the east side, close to the front. Running north along that wall, I took one last look back at it before continuing along the Piccadilly Line:



King’s Cross (first encounter)

King’s Cross, last look back


“I am the diamond in the dirt that ain’t been found.”




Loved the Cally Bridge but the station doesn’t count on today’s run. Poop.




A couple of years ago, we were spending a weekend in London and I went out for a pre-dawn run. I get lost with a map, compass, and good light so I was doomed that morning. I went past HMP Pentonville that night, as well…nice to finally get oriented.




Caledonian Road and Holloway Road Stations have some lovely, red-glazed tile work:



Caledonian Road

Holloway Road


My path next took me past what MUST be known as Tourettes Stadium:




You don’t usually think of sport fans as particularly open-minded. But, this statue seems to say, “Football is FAB-ulous!”




Arsenal and Finsbury Park Stations were easy to pick up, next, and there was a pleasant park-like strip adjacent to the mainline rail lines to follow.




Finsbury Park



Turning back south, I left the Piccadilly Line nearly completed as I began the last segment remaining on the Victoria Line.




It was a long-ish segment that showed me the earliest signs of spring:




And, a clock stele commemorating Queen Victoria in a roundabout:




Running later than originally planned, I called it a day as I returned to Highbury & Islington Station (after a brief beer following a long wait at the White Swan).





And, the Victoria Line is finished!




Here’s the system map through today:




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