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The sun now rises early enough for there to be a scattering of natural light by the time you reach the West End on the first Sunday Tube of the morning. Still, there are hardly any tourists out for another hour or so (making this the ideal time to amble through the normally packed pavements of Soho). These streets would otherwise be some of the hardest to manage of the TfL Run Project.




I made my start at Green Park Station, emerging across from the park, proper.


Green Park

It’s Valentine’s Day Wednesday (when I’m finally getting around to writing this entry). The Cupid of Piccadilly Circus is looking for victims. Or, is this a monument to Lionel Shriver?



Piccadilly Circus Station (and the fiery pits of hell) down here.



Piccadilly Circus

I have never noticed this Swiss clock at Leicester Square, but unlike tourists I have places to go and things to do and the manners to recognise that others on the street might also do. Time-based irony, there.




Leicester Square and Covent Garden Stations are remarkably close. It takes more steps to get to and from the platforms of these stations than it does to walk, at street level, between the two.



Leicester Square

Covent Garden


Another sight previously unseen is this majestic Masonic Temple, nearly over to Holborn Station:






This is one of the two oldest Pizza Express franchises (one of the oldest two has live jazz Sunday afternoon, almost making the dreadful pizzas forgivable). I like the topiary aspect of this building:




It has been ages since I last posted a Spectacular London Puke, but this one at Russell Square has good texture and coverage. Bravo (or brava).




Russell Square and King’s Cross/St Pancras were done just before 8 am.



Russell Square

King’s Cross

The Piccadilly Line is now complete:





A short jog to Euston to start a section of the Overground:






It is a long haul to South Hampstead but you can do it through or very near Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill (which is nice). Kilburn High Road, and Queen’s Park are a bit closer goals, thereafter.



South Hampstead

Kilburn High Road

Queen’s Park


Manageable in about four or five runs on the Northern, Waterloo & City, Jubilee, and DLR here is the “remainders” overlay:



Here’s the system map:



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