Canada Water to Shadwell, Jubilee and DLR, TfL Run Project   1 comment


I can’t decide how I feel about Rotherhithe.  But, the next segments of the TfL Run Project started there at Canada Water Station following the Jubilee Line then Docklands Light Rail back up to Shadwell.  I followed a canal through a lot of new build houses and met many strollers of babies and, of course, kids older than toddlers who should be walking.




Canada Water

I was impressed with the preserved wetlands around this chunk of real estate and I didn’t even get into the woodland park at the centre.  Late afternoon and hardly anytime to stop except maybe for a quick pint at the Blacksmith’s Arms (write-up soon) before catching the ferry over to Canary Wharf.



The nearest bridge would have added miles to the run.



There’s Canary Wharf Tube Station:


Canary Wharf Tube


Which is all I was able to add to the Jubilee Line (but one of the three aforementioned “hardest” segments in the whole system … the next two are slightly worse, but those are for another day.


At this point, I needed to hurry along the DLR to try for Shadwell before dark:



As quickly as I could, with the new shoes making this a harder than expected run, I ticked off Canary Wharf DLR Station (across from the Tube stop), West India Quay, and Westferry.


Canary Wharf DLR

West India Quay



An angel on a defunct pub on the way to Limehouse:



The tunnel, again (but, not ever considering running it at rush hour on a Friday):



Limehouse and Shadwell in the fast-failing light:





I continued on, with a post-run pint at the Hungerford Arms (write-up soon) en route, to Whitechapel to catch a Hammersmith & City train in sort of the right direction home.  There are not many more of these to do, as the system map shows:




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